September 12, 2012

A Taste of Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine is probably one of the healthiest cuisine in the world.  Their traditional cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, and reliance on herbs and vegetables, which is reflective of the people's lifestyle, from the preparation to how the food is served.  The food may look simple, but it creates a balance and rich in flavor. 

When I think of Vietnamese food, I think of Phở (noodle soups), fish sauce, mint, fresh herbs, eggroll, grilled meats, lemongrass and broken rice.  These are some of the commonly used and symbolic condiments and food preparation in Vietnamese cooking.  The food from each region in Vietnam carry distinctive and unique characteristic that portray the geographical and living condition of the people there.  South Vietnam uses a lot of fresh vegetables, fish, tropical fruits and rice in their daily food.  Central Vietnam uses a lot of its salt and fish sauce in their daily food.  North Vietnam has a strong Chinese influence and their popular dish is Phở.

Not only do Vietnamese food have Phở and rice dishes.  They have all kinds of popular dishes ... sticky rice dishes, dumplings and pancakes, wraps and rolls, sandwiches and pastries, meat dishes, seafood dishes, salads, curries, tofu, desserts and a lot more.  I know I have my favorites.  Here are some photos of Vietnamese dishes I've had from different Vietnamese restaurants around town. 

Thanh Restaurant     Phoso 1     Phans 55     Pho Bac Co

What's your favorite Vietnamese food and restaurant?



Ann Marie Lacsamana said...

Hi Melissa! Not sure if you know but I'm Vietnamese. You need to try Brodards in Garden Grove. Their spring rolls are famous. Love your blog!

Ann Marie Lacsamana

Melissa Lacsamana said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I will definetely try Brodards in Garden Grove. We've actually tried a lot of Vietnamese restaurants in Garden Grove and Westminster. They all have great food.