November 01, 2012

Olé! Spain Delishop

Spanish cuisine is one of my favorite foods.  I remember growing up and my mom would prepare Spanish dishes for us like the Spanish Paella, empanadas, tapas jamon, chorizo, Spanish omelet and a lot more.  On special occasions like birthdays and holidays, she would always have a Spanish dish or two on our table.  That's how I've come to learn to love Spanish food. 

The most exciting discovery I've had this week is a little Spanish deli called Olé! Spain Delishop located in Santa Ana (on MacArthur & Main).  The deli opened almost a year ago, on December 2011, and I'm so glad they have come to OC. 

Looking at their menu, they have a small but delicious Tapas selection, Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish omelets), Bocatas (Spanish-style sandwiches) and Spanish Paella, which is only served on Tuesdays & Fridays.  They have daily lunch specials, which I think is a pretty good deal. 

On our first visit, we ordered La Española Bocata (for me) and Enamórame Tortilla (for my husband).  What a feast!  Everything is delicious and flavorful.   


La Española is one of their popular bocatas.  It is made with jamon Serrano (ham), chorizo (sausage), piquillo peppers, and Manchego cheese sandwiched on a perfectly made crusty loaf, with a side order of Grandma's pasta, a slice of flan cake and a drink.  All this food for only $10.95 ... yum! 

If you're not familiar with Spanish ham and chorizo, its flavor is on the salty side.  So the layers of the jamon Serrano and chorizo in the crusty bread are thin layers.  But when I took a bite of my sandwich, it is so good and big on flavors ... saltiness of the jamon, chorizo and cheese with the perfectly crusty bread, so delicious!

Their Enamórame Tortilla is a Spanish style eggs & potatoes omelet with cream cheese, butifarra sausage, black olives and piquillo peppers.  It is served with slices of buttered French baguette and mayo dressing.  It is very flavorful and very filling. 

Their Paella is a popular and favorite dish on their menu.  I ordered Paella to go and I couldn't wait to get home to eat it.  Opening the box was like opening a present.  I was so excited!  Tasting it was even better.  Their Paella has true Spanish flavors in it.  It has chorizo, shrimp, mussels, piquillo peppers, olives and other good stuff.  The Spanish rice is the star of this dish.  Theirs is so fluffy, rounded and short.  It has just the right amount of Spanish flavors and spices they put in their Paella.  The aroma is very addictive and it made me eat everything.  Yum!

Shelves around the deli are lined with hard-to-find products imported from Spain.  You will find hams, cheeses, canned seafood, olive oils, vinegars, saffron, pimento, table olives, turrones nougat, and other products from an array of brands from Spain. 

Whether you visit Olé! Spain Delishop to pick up Spanish ingredients for a recipe, order prepared meals such as Spanish Paella or  Tapas tray, or enjoy creative bocatas (Spanish-style sandwiches), tortillas (omelets) or tapas, this place is a fine spot to satisfy your craving or curiosity for some Spanish delicacies.

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Ole Spain Delishop said...

Melissa!! I was about to cry yesterday when I read it for the first time :') Thank you so much for such nice comments! We give our best every single day, to give more than excellent food and warm atmosphere to our dear friends and clients. Again Thank you very much for this beautiful review :)